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Happy Mother's Day

Mothers Day Teddy Bears

Discover a beautiful selection of Mothers Day teddy bears to send to mum that will be really appreciated. Teddy Bear Friends have curated a fantastic collection of teddy bears for mums from our huge range. We've also brought together our most lovely figurines and gifts featuring mums, sons and daughters that are perfect to send as a gift for Mothering Sunday.

Order your gift online today and we'll have it delivered in a heartbeat! If you can't be there, you can add gift packaging and a Mothers Day card and send direct to mum as a lovely surprise.

I Love Mum Bear

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Send mum a Mothers Day Teddy Bear by Gund.

This gorgeous pink teddy bear from Gund is a special gift for the world's best mum.

Our Price: £12.95 

Mothers Day Teddy

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Send mum a Mothers Day Teddy Bear by Gund.

This super little teddy bear wears a neck ribbon with the message Mum, I Love You.

Our Price: £15.95 

I Love Mum Teddybear

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Send mum a Mothers Day Teddy Bear by Gund.

This gorgeous cream teddy bear from Gund is a special gift for the world's best mum.

Our Price: £16.95 

Lynette Photo Bear

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Send mum a Mothers Day Teddy Bear by Gund.

This Mothers Day teddy bear holds a photo frame that has the message Mum & Me.

Our Price: £20.95 

More Mothers Day Teddy Bears and Gifts

Gund White Bear Loves You

White Bear Loves You

This beautiful white bear holds in his paws an embroidered heart shaped gift box to deliver love. £23.95

Willow Tree With Love

With Love

Willow Tree figurines are a lovely valentines day gift to send to the one you love. £17.95

Gund Thinking of You

Thinking of You

This cute mini Valentine teddy bear sits holding a white presentation box ready to deliver a precious gift. £13.95

Ecochums Eco Girls Bear

Eco Girls Bear

Ecochums are an ecological soft toy range made from unbleached wool and natural cotton. £22.95

Willow Tree Beautiful Wishes

Beautiful Wishes

This delightful figurine has a girl holding a bunch of flowers - an ideal gift for so many special occasions. £19.95

Gund Marabella Blue Paisley Bear

Marabella Blue Paisley Bear

Marabella is a stunning teddy bear with paisley print - send her to someone you love and care for. £16.95

Clemens Spieltiere Sugar


Sugar is a sweet teddy bear gift for anyone who loves the quality of Clemens Spieltiere Bears. £99.95

Willow Tree We Are Three

We Are Three

It used to be just you and me, now we are three - a family. A lovely gift to send congrats to new parents. £50.95

Willow Tree Mother Daughter

Mother Daughter

This Willow Tree figurine featuring a mother and daughter is a wonderful gift to celebrate your life together. £30.95

Gund Mothers Day Myles

Mothers Day Myles

Tell your mother how much you love her with this cute Mothers Day teddy bear gift. £15.95

Gund I Love My Mum Teddy

I Love My Mum Teddy

This gorgeous little teddy bear from Gund is a lovely gift for the world's best mum. £15.95

Mothers Day cards

Mothers Day cards

Add a greetings card, chocolates and gift packaging to complete your order.

For just one day a year we can pay homage to the efforts of hard working mothers up and down the country. On this rare occasion, it is the female relatives in the family who can enjoy exclusive tender love and care. As such, weighing in mind the once a year nature of Mother's Day coupled with the neverending efforts of our mums, when the day eventually arrives, it is our duty as loving children to express our most sincere gratitude, love and admiration.

Mother's Day in modern times is celebrated on different days in many countries of the world - most commonly in March, April, or May as a day to honour and celebrate mothers and motherhood. Purchasing a gift that encapsulates our feelings for our mum is something we all love to do, and never more so on this special day.

In the UK and Ireland, Mother's Day follows the old traditions of Mothering Sunday and is celebrated on the Fourth Sunday in Lent - a moveable feast that falls on different weeks during March or April - the earliest possible date being 1 March and the latest 4 April. The US Mother's Day is on a different day - second Sunday in May - and has different origins, being 'created' by a West Virginian woman, Anna Jarvis, in 1908 as a day to honour your own mother.

A teddy is a gift of universal appreciation, adored across generations and welcomed openly among the sexes. Few items incite greater feelings of content, of well-being and of affection, and a teddy bear really fits the bill - like no other gift can - when presented as a show of love on Mother's Day. For this special day, Teddy Bear friends has drawn together a collection of its most cute Mothers day teddy bears and loving gifts, so as to help you find a gift that your mum will adore for this fast approaching event. As an additional extra, it is also possible to couple any teddy bear gift with a range of indulgent chocolates and quality greeting cards, offering a unique range of gifts for Mothers day.

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