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Accessibility Policy


Teddy Bear values all its customers and potential customers and aims to provide all Internet users with a good web experience. We have striven to provide a website that is capable of being accessed by all users and is easy to navigate and purchase goods and services from.

Teddy Bear are committed to maintaining and improving this website in accordance with W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Guidelines in order to achieve the highest quality experience for all.

Accessibility criteria

  • Teddy Bear is written in clear and plain English
  • Cascading Style Sheets are used to format and style basic elements of the website
  • Documents are organised so that they may be read without style sheets
  • Browser-specific HTML or scripting methods are not used
  • HTML pages validate against the specified version of HTML
  • Content and design is consistent throughout the website
  • Teddy Bear does not rely on colour alone to convey information
  • Text colour always contrasts with background
  • Any colour used is customisable by the end user
  • Teddy Bear uses clear and commonly used fonts
  • Any font sizes defined in the Cascading Style Sheet are customisable by the end user
  • The use of images is kept to a minimum
  • All image file sizes are optimal
  • All important images have an 'alt' attribute and description - 'alt' descriptions are meaningful
  • The primary natural language of the document is identified
  • Any changes in the natural language of the document's text are identified
  • Link text is concise and meaningful
  • A consistent text navigation is available
  • Forms of navigation are available for users who cannot use pointing devices
  • Tables are not used for layout
  • Forms use markup to associate labels with data input fields

Maintaining and improving accessibility

Teddy Bear values feedback from the disability community. We have worked closely with consultants who are experts on accessibility issues and would like to receive comments and feedback from the public on accessibility.

Contact us at concerning any issues with our website.

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