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New Teddy Bears

Air Puppy

Burford Yard Patch Puppy 33cm
Burford Yard Pooky Waggles Pig 33cm
Burford Yard Snickle Futts Cat 33cm
Flapjack Lane Beachball Bear 46cm
Flapjack Lane Fat Albert Bear 46cm

Allen Designs

True Love Clock 33cm

Baby Gund

Alabaster Lamb 33cm
Baby Bathtime Doll 32cm
Baby Duckling 24cm
Baby Piggy Bank 19cm
Blue Teddy Bear Comfy Cozy 58.5cm
Cuddlehugs Pink Blanket
Emmet Baby Elephant 23cm
Hopscotch Activity Mat 76cm
Hopscotch Large Giraffe 56cm
Hug Me Hugo 40cm
Hulahoop Kitten 35.5cm
Its A Boy Bear 30cm
Jax Activity Monkey 25.5cm
My 1st Dolly Brunette 30cm
My First Dolly 33cm
My First Teddy Comfy Cozy 58.5cm
My First Teddy Pink Comfy Cozy 58.5cm
My Little Baby Backpack Playset Jada 25cm
Oh So Soft Elephant & Rattle Combo 28cm
Peter Rabbit Peek A Boo 36cm
Peyton Baby Teddy Bear 38 cm
Rock-A-Bye Bear 25cm
Securesnugs Precious Baby 59cm
Time To Eat Dolly 28cm
Up Up And Away Airplane Playset 21.5cm


Bellybutton Favourite Animals Sorting Box 16 x 16 x 14cm
Bellybutton Lucky Elephants Pram Chain
Bellybutton Pink Stacking Blocks

Border Fine Arts

Appley Dapply Letter Z 7cm
Aunt Petitoes Letter G 7cm
Baby 5cm
Baby Pooh and Piglet Figurine 9cm
Beatrix Potter Appley Dapply Letter D 7.5cm
Beatrix Potter Mrs Rabbit Letter K 7.5cm
Beatrix Potter Mrs Tiggy Winkle Letter G 7.5cm
Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Letter Q 7.5cm
Beatrix Potter Pigling Bland Letter X 7.5cm
Beatrix Potter Tailor of Gloucester T 7.5cm
Beatrix Potter Timmy Willie Letter W 7.5cm
Benjamin Bunny Letter B 7cm
Cecily Parsley Letter M 7cm
Classic Winnie the Pooh Alphabet Letter I 7cm
Classic Winnie the Pooh Alphabet Letter K 7cm
Cotton Tail Letter N 7cm
Eeyore Musical 11cm
Floppy Bunnies Letter W 7cm
Flopsy Mopsy and Cotton-tail Nursery Set
Hunca Munca Baby Letter V 7cm
Hunca Munca Letter D 7cm
Jemima Puddle-duck Letter L 7cm
Mr Jeremy Fisher Letter J 7cm
Mrs Rabbit and Bunnies Letter C 7cm
Mrs Rabbit Letter Q 7cm
Mrs Tiggy Winkle Bookends 15cm
Mrs Tiggy Winkle Letter H 7cm
Mrs Tittlemouse Letter S 7cm
Old Mr Benjamin Bunny Letter X 7cm
Peter Rabbit Alphabet Letter P 7cm
Peter Rabbit Alphabet Letter U 7cm
Peter Rabbit Letter A 7cm
Peter Rabbit Letter I 7cm
Peter Rabbit Letter O 7cm
Peter Rabbit Letter R 7cm
Peter Rabbit Letters E 7cm
Peter Rabbit New Baby Money Bank 9cm
Peter Rabbit Nursery Set
Peter Rabbit Ornament 17cm
Peter Rabbit Posting Letter Moneybox 17cm
Peter Rabbit Running Money Bank 17cm
Pigling Bland Letter Y 7cm
Pooh Alphabet U 7cm
Pooh Photo Frame 18.5cm
Tailor of Gloucester Letter T 7cm
Timmy Willie Letter F 7cm
Tom Kitten Letter K 7cm
Winnie the Pooh Alphabet Letter C 7.5cm
Winnie the Pooh Alphabet Letter D 7.5cm
Winnie the Pooh Alphabet Letter F 7.5cm
Winnie the Pooh Alphabet Letter K 7.5cm
Winnie the Pooh Alphabet Letter M 7.5cm
Winnie the Pooh Alphabet Letter O 7.5cm
Winnie the Pooh Alphabet Letter P 7.5cm
Winnie the Pooh Alphabet Letter T 7.5cm
Winnie the Pooh Alphabet Letter U 7.5cm
Winnie the Pooh Alphabet Letter W 7.5cm
Winnie the Pooh Alphabet Letter X 7.5cm
Winnie the Pooh Alphabet Letter Z 7.5cm
Winnie the Pooh Alphabet Letters G 7.5cm
Winnie the Pooh Alphabet Letters H 7.5cm
Winnie the Pooh Alphabet Letters Q 7.5cm
Winnie the Pooh Alphabet Letters S 7.5cm
Winnie The Pooh Money Bank 7cm
Winnie The Pooh Moneybank 10cm
Winnie The Pooh Photo And Impression Frame 16cm

Cherished Teddies

Tooth Fairy Box 6.5cm


Mickey Mouse Kitchen Set

Clemens Spieltiere

Andre Teddy Bear 30cm
Andy Bear 30cm
Bonnie Cream Teddy Bear 40cm
Collectible Teddy Fynn 23cm
Dennis Bear 33cm
Finley Teddy Bear 35cm
Freddy 33cm
Freddy Bear 33cm
Grey Teddy Bear Scotty 35cm
Joe 40cm
Jointed Teddy Bear Maxfield 40cm
Jointed Teddy Bear Pino 35cm
Lian Teddy Bear 33cm
Little Bear 30cm
Little Lenni Teddy Bear 25cm
Little Panda Bear 25cm
Little Simon Teddy Bear 25cm
Little Teddy Bear Colin 25cm
Little Teddy Bear Fritz 25cm
Mouse Petje 19cm
Nala Traditional Teddy Bear 35cm
Sugar 25cm
Teddy Aberle 33cm
Teddy Adhelm 33cm
Teddy Aelfric 33cm
Teddy Bear Hanna 35cm
Teddy Bear Hauke 40cm
Teddy Bear Kalle 33cm
Teddy Bear Kiano 35cm
Teddy Bear Lea 40cm
Teddy Bear Manuel 30cm
Teddy Bear Panda 30cm
Teddy Bear Yulio 35cm
Teddy Bourn 33cm
Teddy Eike 33cm
Teddy Freddy 33cm
Teddy Kasimir 33cm
Teddy Lambert 30cm
Teddy Speculatius 32cm
Toy Panda Bear 30cm
Traditional Teddy Bear Jamie 40cm
Traditional Teddy Bear Lindsay 40cm
Yuno Plush Teddy Bear 35cm

Colorful Devotions

Love Wall Sculpture 16cm


Snowberry Teddy Bear 35cm
Soffie Susan Teddy Bear 30cm
Teddy Bear Dexter 35cm
Teddy Bear Sugarbush 35cm
Teddy Little Cutie 30cm

Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo Ceramic Nursery Set
Dear Zoo Impression Frame 16cm
Dear Zoo Money Ball 9cm

Disney Enchanting Collection

Kermit The Frog Clock 20cm
Princess Belle Clock 24.5cm
Tinker Bell Clock 21.5cm
Winnie the Pooh Money Box 9cm
Winnie The Pooh Photo Frame 19cm

Disney Traditions

Aurora Princess Waterball 14.5cm
Cinderella Figurine 21cm
Cinderella Snow Globe 14.5cm
Rapunzel Figurine 20.5cm
Tinker Bell Figurine 20cm

Doudou et Compagnie

Little Girls Miss White Rose Doll 34cm


Eco Girls Bear 40cm
Woolly Boys Bear 40cm


Peter Rabbit Figure 35cm

Get Well Friends

Cassie the Cat 20cm


Angel Teddy Bear 40.5cm
April Dolly 33cm
Baskin Lamb Costume 3-12 months
Bear in Dungarees 29cm
Benjamin Bunny 30cm
Best Friends Elmo 38cm
Big Bird Photo Frame 10cm x 15cm
Big Larabell Rabbit 50cm
Boo 30cm
Broken Leg Teddy Bear 40.5cm
Brooklyn Blonde Doll 43cm
Bunsey Bunny Costume 3-12 months
Christmas Elmo 53.5cm
Congratulations Bear 36cm
Cookie Monster Photo Frame 10cm x 15cm
Cordy Bunny 30cm
Cowslip Cow 28cm
Crazy Monkey 47cm
Deedee Doll 43cm
Dempsey 28cm
Doctor Bear 48cm
Dove Waterglobe 18cm
Elmo 38cm
Elmo Photo Frame 10cm x 15cm
Fathers Day Teddy Bear 30cm
Filip Panda Bear 30cm
Flopsy 30cm
Florence Blue Paisley Bear 25cm
For Someone Special 23cm
Get Well Teddy 48cm
Giggling Girls Doll 35cm
Giggling Girls Too Cute Doll 35cm
Girls Bunny Rabbit 38cm
Graduate Bear 46cm
Grumpy Cat 23cm
Hoppin Bunny Medium 71cm
I Love Dad Teddy Bear 30cm
I Love Dad Teddybear 33cm
I Love Mum Bear 30cm
I Love Mum Teddybear 33cm
I Love My Mum Teddy 33cm
I Support England Teddy Bear 33cm
Jemima Puddle-duck 30cm
Jingle Bells Bear 30.5cm
Kearny Bear 41cm
Larabell Bunny 40cm
Large Peter Rabbit Lying 30cm
Large Peter Rabbit Soft Toy 38cm
Large Sesame Street Elmo 53.5cm
Lenny Lion Musical 29cm
Lilly Lamb Soft Toy 28cm
Little Get Well Bear 33cm
Little Get Well Teddy Bear For A Boy 30cm
Little Get Well Teddy Bear For A Girl 30cm
Little Toy Lion 29cm
Little Valentine Bear 33cm
Lynette Photo Bear 41cm
Magnus Dragon Toy 45cm
Marabella Blue Paisley Bear 25cm
McCarthy Bear 32.5cm
McCarthy Large 45cm
Moply Lamb 32cm
Mothers Day Myles 28cm
Mothers Day Teddy 33cm
Mr Kringle Father Christmas 39cm
Mrs Tiggy Winkle 24cm
Musical Angel Figurine 23cm
Neighbourwood Shirley Squirrel 38cm
Paxton Jointed Bear 30cm
Paxton Rhino
Peppermint Bark Dog 20cm
Peter Rabbit 30cm
Pink Pig Soft Toy 28cm
Pink Rabbit 47cm
Quackles Duck 40cm
Quakzie Duck Costume 3-12 months
Roary Lion 33cm
Rudy Roo Soft Toy Dog 25.5cm
Saint Patricks Day Bear 33cm
Santa Hand Puppet 43cm
Sesame Street Elmo 33cm
Sesame Street Grover 36cm
Sesame Street Oscar 28cm
Sesame Street Photo Frame 10cm x 15cm
Sesame Street Photograph Frame 10cm x 15cm
Sloan Brown Hair Doll 43cm
Snowball Snowman 47cm
Soft Toy Muttsy Dog 36cm
Sprinkles Dog 40cm
St Patricks Day Teddy Bear 33cm
St Valentines Day Bear 46cm
St Valentines Puppy Love 28cm
Surgeon Teddy Bear 40.5cm
Sweet Little Valentine 32cm
T-Rex Dinosaur Toy Rexton 33cm
T-Rex Soft Toy Dinosaur Lincoln 30.5cm
Teddy Bear Nurse 40.5cm
Teddy Bear Valentine 35cm
Teddy Bear With Broken Arm 46cm
Teddy Bear With Broken Leg 46cm
Teddy Bear With Sore Head 46cm
Thinking of You 23cm
Triceratops Soft Toy Dinosaur Carson 38cm
Tutti Frutti Bunny 56cm
Twinkle Toes Teddy Bear 35.5cm
Valais Blacknose Sheep Soft Toy 28cm
Valentine Day Bear 61cm
Valentines Day Elmo 33cm
Valentines Day Jumbo Puppy 57cm
Valentines Day Kisses 30cm
Valentines Singing Puppy 25.5cm
White Bear Loves You 28cm
White Christmas Bear 36cm
Woollock Cat 38cm
Woollock Cow 38cm
Woollock Owl 38cm
Xmas Teddy Bear 40cm
You Make My Life Merry Bear 30.5cm


Kush Puppy

Nat And Jules

Floralicious Horse Purse 32cm
Floralicious Monkey Purse 20cm
Floralicious Owl 25.5cm
Floralicious Owl Purse 30cm
Safari Love Teddy Bear 23cm


Dog Money Bank 17cm
Leopard Money Bank 20.5cm
Tiger Money Bank 19.5cm


Classic Pooh Alphabet G 7.5cm
Pink Baby Word 5cm
Pooh Bear Alphabet U 7.5cm
Winnie The Pooh Alphabet Z 7.5cm
Winnie the Pooh Characters Q 7.5cm
Winnie the Pooh Characters W 7.5cm
Winnie the Pooh Characters X 7.5cm

Rainbow Designs

Developmental Jiggle Hungry Caterpillar 30cm
Elmer Pull Along Toy Elephant 14cm
Eric Carle Developmental Elephant 23cm
Eric Carle Large Development Elephant 40cm
Eric Carle Large Development Ladybug 40cm
Guess How Much I Love You Hare 40cm
Hungry Caterpillar Twist Click Blocks 33cm
I Love B Duck Mugs 9cm
Large Elmer Elephant 30cm
Little Lovey Doll 28cm
Miffy 22cm
Miffy Musical Mobile
My First Light Up Dolly 27cm
New Peter Rabbit Pull Along 17cm
Olivia Doll 28cm
Signature Jemima Puddleduck 22cm
Sophia Doll 28cm
Sweetie Mug 9cm
Sweetie Mugs 9cm
The Hungry Caterpillar Pull Along Toy 25cm
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Play Time Toy 40cm
Wibbly Pig Backpack

Reutter Porcelain

Girls Teddy Bear Baby Set
Girls Teddy Bear Breakfast Set
Hansel and Gretal Nursery Set
Little Red Riding Hood Nursery Set
Nursery Tales Miniature Teaset in Case
Nursery Tales Teaset in Basket
Sleeping Beauty Nursery Set
Snow White and Seven Dwarves Nursery Set
Teddy Bear Baby Set
Teddy Bear Breakfast
Teddy Bear Breakfast Set
Teddy Bear Piggy Bank
Traditional Toys Childrens Teaset in Case
Traditional Toys Miniature Teaset Hatbox

Roy Kirkham

Baby Money Box
Black Cat Mugs 11cm
Blue Floral Coffee Mugs 8.5cm
Boys Tooth and Curl
Cat Coffee Mugs 11cm
Childrens Money Box
Cottage Garden Cake Stand
Cottage Garden Coffee Mugs 8.5cm
Cottage Garden Milk Jug 250ml
Cottage Garden Plate 22cm
Cottage Garden Plates 22cm
Cottage Garden Sugar Bowl
Cottage Garden Tea Set
Cottage Garden Teacups And Saucers
Cottage Garden Teapot
Cute Dog Mugs 11cm
Dog Coffee Mugs 11cm
Floral Coffee Mugs 8.5cm
Lisa Stickley Cake And Cheese Plate
Lisa Stickley Grand Jug 21cm
Lisa Stickley Red Daisy Cake Stand
Lisa Stickley Red Daisy Mugs 11cm
Lisa Stickley Red Daisy Teapot
Lisa Stickley Small Jug 10cm
Lisa Stickley Teapot
Nina Campbell Basket Weave Coffee Mugs 8.5cm
Nina Campbell Basket Weave Mugs 8.5cm
Nina Campbell Bowhill Coffee Mugs 8.5cm
Nina Campbell Coffee Mug Set 8.5cm
Nina Campbell Coffee Mugs 8.5cm
Nina Campbell Fairfield Milk Jug 250ml
Nina Campbell Fairfield Plate 22cm
Nina Campbell Fairfield Plates 22cm
Nina Campbell Fairfield Sugar Bowl
Nina Campbell Fairfield Teacups Saucers
Nina Campbell Handblock Coffee Mugs 8.5cm
Nina Campbell Leaves Coffee Mugs 8.5cm
Nina Campbell Woodsford Coffee Mugs 8.5cm
Spots and Stripes Coffee Mugs 8.5cm
Teddy Bear Money Box
Teddy Time Childrens Gift Set
Teddy Time Girls Plate

Royal Selangor

Baby Bootee Trinket Box 6cm
Childs Christening Cup 6cm
Childs Mug The Gift 7.5cm
Egg Cup and Spoon in Gift Box 13cm spoon, 5cm
Pewter Toothbox 6cm(w) x 4cm(h)
Teddy Bear Christening Cup 7.5cm
Teddy Bear Document Holder 20cm(w) x 7cm(h)
The Ugly Duckling Photo Frame 18cm
Tom Thumb Pewter Cup 5.5cm


Antonio The Sheep Baby Musical 26cm
Antonio The Sheep Soft Toy 36cm
Autolino Pull Along Toy 10cm
Camiono Pull Along Toy 15.5cm
Filino Pull Along Toy 14cm
Kaspar Klip Klap Pull Along Toy 15cm
Lili The Cow Baby Musical 26cm
Lili The Cow Soft Toy 37cm
Malo The Polar Bear Soft Toy 37cm
Napoleon The Toucan Soft Toy 36cm
Pedro Pull Along Toy 16cm
Pull Toy Bako 29cm
Titouan The Rabbit Baby Musical 32cm
Wobble Train Pull Along Toy 37cm


Australian Koala 42cm
Beanie Golden Retriever 22cm
Big Fynn Teddy Bear 80cm
Big Polar Bear 60cm
Brownie Teddy Bear 28cm
Charly Dangling Bear 30cm
Cherry Teddy Bear 26cm
Classic Olly Teddy Bear 36cm
Classic Teddy Bear Bjorn 30cm
Cookie Teddy Bear 30cm
Fabian I Love You Teddy Bear 27cm
Flaps Baby Penguin 20cm
Florian Love Messenger Teddy Bear 27cm
Hubert Teddy Bear 28cm
Large Elephant 55cm
Leo Baby Lion 28cm
Leo Lion 34cm
Little Bobby Teddy Bear 30cm
Little Polar Bear 30cm
Little Teddy Bear Bobby 30cm
Lotta Teddy Bear 28cm
Lotte Teddy Bear in Suitcase
Lying Bear 45cm
Moritz Panda Teddy Bear 30cm
Mungo Monkey 24cm
Nurse Bear 36cm
Pelle Panda Ted 33cm
Polar Bear 45cm
Small Trampili 24cm
Sweetheart Bear 22cm
Teddy Bear Carlo 30cm
True Brit Teddy Bear Suitcase 28cm
Very Little Teddy Bear Fynn 18cm

Steiff Baby

Baby Rattle Ball 12cm
Baby Sleep Well Bear Comforter 30cm
Benny Bear Rattle and Blanket 12cm
Boys Sleep Well Bear Grip Toy Gift Set
Circus Elephant in Case large case
Circus Giraffe in Case large case
Lamb Pink Rattle 12cm
Leni Lamb 18cm
Little Circus Boys Musical Teddy Bear 20cm
Little Circus Elephant Gift Set small case
Little Circus Giraffe 28cm
Little Circus Giraffe Gift Set small case
Little Circus Girls Musical Teddy Bear 20cm
Little Eli Elephant Toy 19cm
Little Lamb Blue Gift Set 21cm
Moon Bear 3 in 1 12cm
New Sleep Well Teddy Bear 25cm
New Sleep Well Teddy Bear Music Box 20cm
Sleep Well Bear Gift Set 25cm
Sleep Well Bear Gift Set For Boys
Sleep Well Bear Grip Toy Gift Set
Sleep Well Bear Music Box Gift
Sleep Well Comforter 30cm
Sleep Well Teddy Bear Grip Toy Gift Set
Sleep Well Teddy Bear Music Box 20cm
Sweet Dreams Baby Lamb Comforter 30cm

Teddy Bear Clothes Shop

Baby Boy Outfit For Teddy Bears
Baby Girl Outfit For Teddy Bears
Baseball Outfit For Teddy Bear
Boy Babygro For Teddy Bear
Bride Teddy Bear Outfit
Fairy Princess Outfit For Teddy Bears
Girl Babygro For Teddy Bear
Heart Sweater For Teddy Bear
Ice Hockey Outfit For Teddy Bear
London Policeman Outfit For Teddy Bear
Medieval Princess Outfit For Teddy Bears
Skate Board Outfit For Teddy Bear
Skate Boarder Outfit For Teddy Bear
Spiderman Outfit For A Teddy Bear
Surf Outfit For Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear Birthday Outfit

Teddy Bear Friends

Nurse Teddy Bear Gift 40cm

Teddy Hermann

Angel Gabriel Teddy Bear 14cm
Babygrow Teddy Bear 39cm
Badger Soft Toy 30cm
Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy 29cm
Big Brown Teddy Bear 48cm
Big Cheetah 50cm
Big Polar Bear 50cm
Big Teddy Bear Gold 55cm
Chimpanzee Toy 50cm
Classic Bear 36cm
Dark Brown Bear 40cm
Dinosaur Dino Cozmo 37cm
Dinosaur Dino Roxi 37cm
Dinosaur Dino Scotti 32cm
Donkey Soft Toy 25cm
Dr Bear 40cm
Dusty Rose Teddy Bear 40cm
Eberhard Growler Bear 34cm
Eckhardt Teddy Bear with Growler 46cm
Ginger Cat 30cm
Golden Retriever Dog 30cm
Grey Growler Bear 40cm
Hermann Teddy Beige 38cm
Husky 29cm
Joachim Growler Teddy Bear 54cm
Jointed Bear With Growler 45cm
Large Growling Teddy Bear 55cm
Large Teddy Bear Chocolate 50cm
Little Owl 25cm
Little White Lioness 28cm
Mathilde Teddy Bear with Growler 44cm
Medium Wild Bear 35cm
New Teddy Bear Toy 35cm
Orangutan 40cm
Penguin 30cm
Pink Nostalgic Teddy Bear 27cm
Plush Panda Bear 35cm
Pug Toy 25cm
Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Teddy Bear 30cm
Rabbit Soft Toy 30cm
Soft Bear 40cm
Soft Growler Teddy Bear 35cm
Soft Toy Bunny 28cm
Soft Toy Bunny Rabbit 30cm
Teddy Beige with Neckerchief 50cm
Teddy Creme 38cm
Teddy Gold 38cm
Tiger Soft Toy 32cm
Tiny Valentines Bear 6cm
Toy Cheetah 29cm
Toy Rabbit 28cm
Valentine Teddy Bear Hanni 40cm
Very Big Teddy Bear Gold 75cm
Wild Brown Bear 50cm
Wolf Cub 29cm

The Puppet Company

Chimp Glove Puppet 38cm
Gorilla Puppet 38cm
Panda Bear Puppet 38cm

Where The Smart Money Is

Car Money Bank 7.5cm
Post Box Money Bank 20cm
Robot Money Bank 12cm
Shoe Money Bank 19cm

Willow Tree

Abundance 13cm
Always 14cm
Angel Love
Angel Of Mine
Around You 16cm
Beautiful Wishes
Bright Star
Child Of My Heart 22cm
Chrysalis 23cm
Close To Me 20cm
Forget Me Not
Guardian 15cm
Je Taime I Love You
Just For You
Keepsake Girl
Lavender Grace
Mother And Son 21cm
Mother Daughter 16cm
My Sister My Friend
New Life
Our Gift
Prayer Of Peace
Quietly 13.5cm
Simple Joys 13cm
Soar 13cm
Something Special
Surrounded By Love
Tenderness 21cm
Thank You
Warm Embrace
We Are Three 22cm
With Love
You And Me
Youre The Best

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